DONM Liberation Enrollment 7 April-26 May

Thank you so much for having enrolled in the DONM Liberation Workshop.

To make sure you are well-prepared and get the best value out of this workshop, please read the information below:

  1. It is essential that you sign up for the Workshop Mailing List either here, or via the form to the right. We will use this only to email you in connection with the Workshop, and you will receive important information and support via those emails.
  2. We remind you that although The DONM Liberation Workshop will be as gentle and supportive as we can make it, we are still dealing with tough issues, and we will not be there with you in person. Please use your best discernment as to whether you are in a good enough place to do this work. You need to take full responsibility for your experiences during this process. If, on thinking about it, you think this is not a good time, it’s not too late to back out. Just contact us to arrange that.
    Also, remember this is an 8-week commitment, so make sure you have enough time to do it.
  3. Journalling will be a big part of this Workshop. So please get a notebook for yourself before our first session. This notebook needs to be something that you get just for this workshop. By that, we mean, don’t just grab an old half-finished copybook that one of your kids has left lying around. You – and the work you will be doing in this Liberation Workshop – deserve to be honoured by something that is specifically for you. That said, we don’t want you to spend a fortune on a journal that you will be afraid to use because it will be ‘too precious’. Find something that is comfortably within your budget, but that sparks joy in you, that draws you to it, and makes you want to use it, but doesn’t require living up to.
  4. We will be encouraging you to make a Vision Board. As part of this, we offer you to start collecting images you like from magazines or online. Try to let this be fun and explorative rather than feeling like a burden. If it’s too difficult, especially during these lockdown times, don’t put the pressure on yourself.
  5. We remind you that this Workshop is an interactive peer-supported process, so please come ready to give support and validation, and — perhaps even more difficult — to receive support and validation too.
  6. We need to make sure everyone is treated kindly and with respect. To enhance your safety, we reserve the right to cancel enrollment if needed. If we have to do this, we will give a full refund.
  7. We will begin each session promptly. If you are delayed, just log in quietly and join in from where we are at that moment.
  8. We recommend you have a glass of water with you, to keep hydrated, and a notebook handy (your journal?) so you can write things down that resonate with you if you choose.
  9. During our Zoom sessions, please be fully dressed. We don’t care what you wear, as long as you are dressed.  Please don’t make the Zoom rookie mistake of only being dressed as far as your waist. You never know when you might need to jump up (to answer the door, or to rescue a child from a pet, or vice versa!).
  10. There may be people in the group whose first language is not English, so we will be aware of that: If we need to slow down, to accommodate them, we will. We ask for your patience in this accommodation, and to give them the same accommodation.
  11. If you don’t like looking at yourself, you can visually mute yourself: Right click on your picture, and select ‘hide’. Then if you want to look at yourself again, you can do that by clicking on anyone else’s tile and see yourself again.
  12. Please keep your cameras and mics switched on. Please feel free to interject whenever you have anything to say, but we’ll try not to have too many voices going at once.
  13. If you have a coughing fit, please mute yourself. Also, just so you know, if you are interrupted, and you need to have a conversation with someone, we will mute you – for your own privacy.
  14. If you need to leave the room – or your screen – please mute your mic, and turn your video off. Remember to switch them back on on when you come back so you are part of the group again.
  15. Finally, in terms of you being comfortable and relaxed, if there’s something you need to do – whether it’s knitting, or using a fidget widget, or whatever, go on ahead! As long as it’s not going to be noisy or has flashing lights, so it won’t distract the rest of us, it’s fine.