DONM Liberation Workshop

There is a ton of information about Narcissistic Personality Disorder on the internet, and it’s wonderful to have that knowledge.

After a while, though, it’s not enough to just know about NPD. You can learn about Narcissism until the end of time, but knowledge on its own is not enough. You need to internalise all that you know, so you can actually use it to protect yourself from narcissistic abuse in the real world.  

The immersive and interactive DONM Liberation Workshop is the next step in that process.

In this workshop, you will learn techniques for dealing with your narcissistic mother (and, of course, other narcissists). And even more essentially: you will have the opportunity to practise these techniques in a safe environment, so you can internalise them into muscle memory. That way they will always be at hand, especially in moments of stress — which, let’s face it, is the very time you need them.

The DONM Recovery Workshop is 8 weekly Zoom sessions of 2 ½ hours each, plus about half an hour of self-care each day. This self-care is optional, but highly recommended.

We do not currently have any dates for this workshop. However …

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What participants are saying:

In this comprehensive eight week workshop you will learn, and deeply assimilate, the following topics:

  • How to do self-care
  • The power of free-writing and journaling
  • An opportunity for you to share your story and receive validation from us and other DONMs. Your chance to speak your truth and be heard.
  • Information about how our brains work to empower you to handle guilt, doubt, and so much else
  • Discussion about the different levels of contact with your narcissistic mother: pros and cons of each, and how to manage them
  • Speaking your truth to your mother: yes, or no, and how and why to do it for best results
  • Why, and how, to be ‘grey rock’ around narcissists, and real-time practice of this skill
  • Practice in dealing with flying monkeys so that they fly away without having shamed you into doing their bidding
  • The four different kinds of stress responses (not just flight or fight), how to recognise them, and the best way to respond
  • Practice in dealing with other people who ask difficult questions about your mother
  • How to manage your anger and shame in a healthy and empowering way
  • The role of forgiveness in dealing with a narcissistic mother, and it’s not what everyone else tells you
  • All about grieving the mother you should have had, but didn’t. And grieving the loss of the mother you did have. 
  • What to do if she dies while you are not in touch with her
  • How to mother yourself, and how to know you deserve this.
  • How to find the right therapist for you, one who is on your side and supports you. 

After completing this workshop you will not merely have theory, but you will have had the experience of practising these empowerment skills in a safe and supportive environment, so they are available to you at a very deep level forever more.

You will also have shared time with other DONMs so that you understand deep down that you are not alone. The validation and sympathetic understanding you will have received from us and your fellow DONMs will be invaluable. You might even choose to keep in touch with these fellow-DONMs going forward, although this is absolutely not an obligation

Please be aware that this in an interactive peer-supported process, so please come ready to give support and validation, and — perhaps even more difficult — to receive support and validation too.


The DONM Liberation Workshop is gentle and supportive. But still, we will be dealing with tough issues, and we will not be there with you in person. Please use your best discernment as to whether you are in a good enough place to do this work. You need to take full responsibility for your experiences during this process. Please note too that this workshop is not therapy.